Class 7 Graduation

Class 7 have now officially completed their time at Ekica school, following their national examination, which they took in September. They are now anxiously awaiting their results, which are due in November.  We are very proud of them all as they have worked night and day to ensure they offer their very best.

They were very happy to celebrate their completion with a graduation ceremony, traditional in many schools. Celebration of Holy Mass, followed by much singing, dancing and plenty of food was the order of the day!

Founders' Visit to Ekica School

June & July 2023

Sue and Tadge spent a very productive 6 weeks in Tanzania in the summer of 2023. They saw the progress being made at the school and enjoyed spending time with the children and staff when it was possible. From a charity perspective, they were able to see the fruits of their labour and the ways in which donor's money has been spent. They also made connections with local people, businesses and organisations in an effort to help the school make links to people who may be able to help financially, or at least propose ideas for self suficiency. Sue and Tadge also took other international visitors to see the school, and in comparison to some schools volunteers were working in, Ekica was way above the rest, which was great to hear. They also secured a large donation from someone who was overwhelmed by the project and what it has achieved. He was also inspired to get involved in a similar way with his own placement.

It was a fabulous few weeks and relationships were strengthened between the school and the charity, so moving forward together with the same purpose and goals in mind will be of benefit to all at the school.

We did it!

We are very excited to share the news that we have recently purchased a mini-bus for Ekica school! We saved hard from donations made over the last 12 months, and, despite having to divert money from the project for urgent, necessary work, we still managed to achieve our goal. 

We are tremendously grateful to ALL who supported our fundraising. 

It means that the children can still attend school during the rainy seasons and are less likely to drop out of school.

November 2023

We are very happy to tell you that we have been able to purchase a second bus, thanks to a large donation from someone who visited the school and was impressed by what they found.

Now, even more chldren can arrive and return safely and it opens up the opportunity for the school to take fee-paying pupils from further afield, thereby providing an additional income for the school.

Pen pals established in the UK

Children at a primary school in Warwickshire, U.K decided they would like to write to the children at Ekica school, after they listened to an online presentation about what life was like for their peers on another continent. 

Once their letters arrived, after a very long journey, the children at Ekica were very excited to open them and discover all about their new friends. They were even more excited to each receive a friendship bracelet.  The children in Tanzania will be replying to their letters and ... well, wait and see!

Water Conservation

Following the completion of the new classrooms, it was important to conserve water wherever possible. 

We provided funds for guttering along the roof of both new classroom blocks, a drainpipe and a holding tank for the precious and infrequent rain.

Food Support for Teachers & School

The war in Ukraine is having a huge detrimental impact on food prices in Tanzania. Starvation is a real threat to all those impoverished in Ekica's local community. We and our sister organization, between us, sent money to buy enough food for 3 months at current prices. We also decided to go the extra step and provide food support to the school staff (and their families) who go above and beyond in their positions at the school. Their gratitude was humbling.

Laura does it again!

Our wonderful supporter, Laura, has run her second 10k in support of Ekica Fundraising and raised a fabulous £650 for the school. The aim is to put this towards the mini-bus fundraising and boost our total ever closer towards our £6000 target. 

Thank you, Laura. KEEP RUNNING and keep up your awesome support for our cause. You are amazing!

We're delighted with the £1,137 raised by one of our youngest supporters!

Michele is 14 and rode his bike for 15 hours - one hour a week - the length of time it takes to fly to Tanzania from London as part of of his Duke of Edinburgh Award. We are super proud of him and his efforts. Thank you so much, Michele!

200 Club membership is OPEN now! 

Don't miss out - get in touch today for your application form!

UPDATE: May 2022 The 200 club has been running for 2 years and we have raised £6,090 for Ekica school which has helped to support them during the pandemic, bought a laptop and computers, improved school security to keep the children and school property safe and secure and supported the building of new classrooms.

We have given away £1,240 in prize money, some of which has been generously returned  to the club for the benefit of the school and children. Huge thanks to everyone who is a club member and who is helping to make a difference.


to our trustee, Sarah, and her daughter Laura for running 10K in their local town in October  and raising over £400 for Ekica Fundraising. The money will be used to buy computers to enhance the children's learning experience.

Exam time

Class 4 took their first test in preparation for the national examinations. All the children have made great progress. Class 4, you are the best - we know you will smash those exams!


All children passed their examinations well. We thank their teachers for their dedication and commitment to the children, espceially when that involves extra classes at the weekend and in the holidays. All for very little financial reward.


Ekica school are still being very covid -19 conscious and providing soap and a very basic running water system for regular handwashing for all the children throughout the school day.

                                    September 2019

First steps on the self-sufficiency road

These are projects that Ekica Fundraising have financed as an important step forward in the school's development.

The first hens take up residence in their new home. Once they are producing eggs, these can be sold by the school to raise funds.

1st October  saw a delivery of the first eggs from the first hens to the Director's office!

We are very egg-sited (sorry!)

Vegetable seedlings being tended to by school pupils. Once grown, the vegetables will be used by the school for lunches, thereby saving them money.

How good does this spinach taste, when you've grown it?!

30th July - 16th August 2019

One of our founders, Sue, visited Ekica Pre and Primary School, along with 3 Australian supporters. They were welcomed with so much warmth and love! Sue was delighted at the progress that has been made at the school since she was last there in 2016. It was a very successful visit and the children, the staff and the Director were delighted to have their international visitors. 

19th June 2019

We are officially a registered Charity!

7th May 2019 

Alcester Mayor, Gill Forman, announced that during her time as Mayor, Ekica Fundraising would be one of her chosen charities for the year. We are very grateful to her for her continued support of our work.