Ekica Pre & Primary School


We are now in possession of the School's Annual Report to Stakeholders.

If you would like a copy, then please Contact us. Make yourself a cuppa and settle down for an inspiring read!


The school is situated in the very poor region of Ngaramtoni, a small town about half an hour’s drive from Arusha in Tanzania, on the East coast of Africa.

Tanzania is bordered in the north by Kenya and Uganda and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique in the south.

Arusha is known a the Gateway to the Serengeti and many of the safaris leave from the town.

School Motto and Aims

Ekica School Motto is: Faith, Hope and Charity for Success

The Director's Vision is: To run a day care centre, provide early years education and a primary school. In the future, to build a secondary school, a residential safe place for vulnerable children at risk and a teacher training institute.

Latest news from Ekica School

The children in Class 4 sat their National Examinations in November 2020 and 2021

All the children received an average grade of either A or B. We are thrilled for them and their teachers. Congratulations to them all on such fantastic results!! The school's academic achievements are deservedly being recognised in the local community and more people want their children to attend the school.

Celebrations are well deserved!

The Dream

Ekica was set up initially as an orphanage and child care centre but Jenifa had a dream to establish a primary school and worked tirelessly towards this aim which was finally achieved in November 2017. Ekica is registered as an English Medium School with the Tanzanian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Reg No. EM-488). This was achieved following an arduous registration process which took much time and money to accomplish.


The school has the following classes:

  • Day-care, which cares for children all day from the ages of 1 to 3. This has been specifically designed for parents/ guardians who have very young children and no-one to leave them with during the day. They are unable to afford a house helper to care for the children whilst they seek work.

  • Baby, Middle and pre- Primary Class which cares for, and teaches, children for the morning from the age of 3 to 6, preparing them for primary school class, which they will enter following completion of the pre-primary class

  • Class 1 is the first primary school class, teaching children all day from age 6 to 7

  • Class 2 teaches children from age 7 to 8

  • Class 3 teaches children aged 8 and 9

  • The primary classes will continue to grow as the children move through the pre-primary classes and come of age for primary school.

  • The new academic school year begins in January.