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Your donation will go DIRECTLY to the school and will be used to empower, educate and effect change.

Please note that we receive quarterly accounts from the school as evidence of their spending and we have tight control over what the money we send is used for, in line with our charitable objectives. 

Unlike other, larger charities we are able to tell you exactly what your money is being spent on.

In addition, we send ALL donations. We have no overheads and pay for the small things out of our own pockets. All your money is used for the beneficiaries.

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Amazon prime will donate 0.5% of your spend to Ekica Fundraising. 

Could you help us increase the amount coming in to Ekica from Amazon? Please tell your family and friends to sign up and select our charity. Thanks

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Previous and On-going Donations

Historically, much of our donated funds have been made from friends, family and people at our local Catholic church; we are indebted to them as without their support, we could not have got Ekica Fundraising off the ground. 

People make donations regularly on a weekly, monthly and annual basis, all of which help with the day to day necessities of running a school. Whilst a few pounds a week, or month, might not seem a great deal to you, we can assure you that the money really does go a long way in Tanzania! 

Many people donated items to be taken to the school when Sue visited  in 2019. These were received with such joy. It is so humbling.

Making a Donation

Everybody has different ways and means of giving, all as valuable as each other. Whether you can afford to give a few pence, a few pounds or a few thousand pounds, your donation is given because of your desire to help and your generous spirit. It means you have been touched by the plight of children half a world away who, through no fault of their own, have been born into poverty. If you could see the joy in their eyes, on their faces and in their hearts at what you are doing, you would know without  doubt how much it means to them, knowing that you love them enough to make a difference. 

If you wish to make a donation please make contact with us or see above.

Thank you.

Ways to Donate Money                                                

(NB. for online banking, your bank will not be able to 'match' with our account as CAF bank is not part of the scheme. Please make sure you enter our details correctly and we will receive your donation.)

2. Set up a regular standing order into our account. We are very grateful for whatever you can afford to donate. 

3. Send us a cheque. Make it payable to Ekica Fundraising and contact us for the address to send it to.

ALL money donated to Ekica Fundraising goes DIRECTLY to the school and is used for the benefit of the children.

Other Ways to Support Our Work

Thank You. 

Gift Aid

If you are a UK Tax Payer you can opt to gift aid any donations you make to Ekica Fundraising at no extra cost. For every £1 donated we can claim back 25p. Every penny is greatly appreciated and it all goes a long way in supporting our work. This year we were able to claim in excess of £800! Please contact us and we will send you a form to complete, if you are eligible. 

Thank you very much.