Welcome ~ Karibu

                          to our charity which supports the education of underprivileged children living in poverty in Tanzania, East Africa

Our Vision:

To enable a community empowered through its educated young people to develop self sufficiency for long term sustainable growth.  

Our Mission:

Supporting education to empower and effect change.







Where is the school your charity supports?

Ekica Pre and Primary school is near Arusha, Tanzania on the East coast of Africa.

Why should I support your charity?

What a great question! The three most important reasons to support Ekica Fundraising are:  

1) ALL the donations and fundraising we receive are sent DIRECTLY to the school.

2) We are a small, personal charity and we are dedicated to supporting Ekica School. They, and their community, are our ONLY focus.  

3) All our trustees are volunteers and we have no overheads. We pay for the little things out of our own pockets.

How much and how often should I donate?

As much or as little as you would like! You can donate whenever you want, but as a guide, most people donate monthly. There is no obligation, you can stop donating when you choose , although we hope you won't want to once you  see the differece your money is making.

How do you ensure my money is spent on the things you tell me it will be spent on?

We have an excellent relationship with Ekica School, and communication is frequent and good. Each quarter the school's director, Jenifa, lets us know what she needs and the relevant costs. The trustees discuss and ensure the funds request is in line with our charity objectives. Once the funds are received by the school, they are used according to her request and we receive photographs as evidence of her spending. Unlike larger charities, we can tell you exactly where your money has been spent. You can be confident that it is used appropriately..

Why is child sponsorship important?

Child sponsorship is the best way to ensure that a child receives a good education. An education is the route out of poverty. At Ekica school the class sizes are similar to the UK and books are mostly 1:1. In the state schools there are over 100 children in a class with books 1:10, or worse. Ekica teachers are able to recognise and support the weaker children, who would get lost in the state schools. The children know that an education is their key to a better life in the future, for themselves, their families and the community. Education will empower them to make decisions that affect their lives. It is always a special day when a child hears they have a sponsor. Sponsoring a child is a commitment; we usually say for a minimum of 10 years. However, if your circumstances change and you are unable to continue sponsoring your child, do let us know. 

What has your charity already achieved?

Please click the link below for a comprehensive list.