Great start to 2022 

Another sponsor has agreed to support a child at Ekica school . We are all extremely grateful.

Last year, we signed up sponsors for FIVE children at Ekica School. 

They and their families are so happy and thank the sponsors very much for their support. The children will work very hard at school to make their sponsors proud. 

  Please could you sponsor me?

Jambo! I am Elisha and I am 9. I want to be a doctor when I am older.

My name is Dorcas and I am 9. I live with my mother and my 2 brothers.

Hello, my name is Nice. I am 6. I am in Class 1. I like learning English and singing.

Why Sponsor a Child?

Read what some of our lovely sponsors ssay: 

A and G said sponsoring meant they could: "give a child and their family hope for the future".

D told us: "I was lucky to be able to sponsor a little girl. I get regular updates on her progress and it makes me feel proud that I am doing something  to help someone on the other side of the world"

C and A said: "The sponsorship seemed so little compared to the massive difference it could make to a child's prospects in life".  

D enthused "It fills your heart and gives back to you more than 100%"

What better investment could you make?!

Sponsoring a child through their education is an extremely worthwhile thing to do. It means that the child can attend school on a regular basis and, just as importantly, means they will be taught in small classes. For children who are less able, or slower learners, this is crucial. They would get totally lost in a class of over 100 children, such are the class sizes of the government schools.

At Ekica school, Jenifa wishes to retain the children she has in the pre-primary classes once they reach primary school age. She believes that knowing the children (and their families and circumstances) as well as she does, having cared for many of them from a very early age, she and her team of staff are best placed to be able to support them. The individual child’s learning strengths and weaknesses are well known to the teachers and can be addressed accordingly.

Sponsorship of the children is also an important, reliable and regular source of income for the school.

There is also evidence that children who have received a good education will give back to their communities, thereby impacting positive change on future generations. 


Any sponsorship arrangement is an agreement between the sponsor and Ekica Pre and Primary School. Ekica fundraising helps the school to seek sponsors and facilitates payments from the UK.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child at Ekica, please find below an outline of the commitment you would be making, but do contact us for a chat and we will happily provide you with all the nitty gritty!

The monthly amount is:

$50 (USD) for a primary school child (age 6+) This is approximately £40*

$20 (USD) for a nursery school child (age 3-6) This is approximately £16*

* *Please note that the sterling equivalent will depend on the exchange rate on the day.

Because of bank charges and fluctuations in exchange rates, we do ask sponsors to consider adding an additional voluntary payment of £5 to their monthly payment. Any superfluous money will be forwarded to the school as a little extra financial support.

NB If you were interested in sponsoring a younger child, please note that this would increase once they reached primary school age.

Thank you.