The Ekica Fundraising Story

Where it began...

We, Sue and Tadge Sabatowski, are nearer retirement than gap year travellers, but did not let that deter us from taking the opportunity to fulfil a lifelong ambition. Having been married for almost 40 years, we decided to use some inheritance to undertake a seven-month trip around the world.

We chose Tanzania to visit on the African continent as Tadge’s interest in the country was linked to his mother’s residence there as a Polish child refugee some 70 years previously. Read her inspirational story on our blog. To visit the place his mother had once called home, experience some of the same things and walk on the same ground was something Tadge longed for. I had, for as long as I can remember, wanted to “go to Africa”.

So, we spent two months in beautiful Tanzania, a place filled with the love of God, the friendliest and most welcoming people who were grateful beyond measure that we had chosen to visit their homeland and spend our money in the place they loved. Of course, there was tremendous poverty too, but the spiritual richness in the hearts of the Tanzanian people, their belief in God's mercy and goodness somehow lessened the perception of the poverty.

For 3 weeks during August 2016, we volunteered at New Hope Orphanage and committed ourselves to helping Jenifa achieve her long-term vision. We just want to inspire others to help and support; to make a difference, in any way they feel able to. Every penny counts!

Our Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Ekica Fundraising, was officially registered on 19th June 2019.